A long italian history

The history of the mill, all female, begins when the two ladies Ida and Patrizia, take over the old mill built in 1954

The old mill still had the traditional pressing system and the traditional disks, filters used for the extraction of the olive oil as in the early Roman times. The extraction method used the ancient granite stones.

The two ladies decided to modernize the oil making process of the mill. Producing high quality extra virgin olive oil requires not only competence, knowledge of the traditions and passion but also what is fundamental is having an open-minded entrepreneurial spirit towards the new needs of customers more and more concerned about the eco-friendly feature of the production process.

In this way Ida and Patrizia have introduced a modern mill system allowing cold pressed in continuous cycle obtaining in this way an extravirgin olive oil without alterating the organoleptic features and respecting  nature. This has rewarded them with a certificate recognizing the organic process in the production free from additives and artificial aromas.


A conscious choice

The Vecchio Mulino is the result of a family love for the products that mother nature can provide us with, the mill can boast many years of experience made available to customers, however the Vecchio Mulino also advocates for the authenticity and genuineness of the product, features nowadays hard to find on supermarket shelves.

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