“Olio buonissimo. Bruschette croccanti. Si chiama vecchio ma e' tutto nuovo. Lo consiglio.”


“Fantastico, ottima organizzazione e cordialità!”


"Macinano olio di qualità, accoglienti e competenti."


"Una molitura speciale, professionale e autentica! Come le persone che ci lavorano con passione e tanta dedizione. Consiglio a tutti di farvi visita per assaporare realmente l'autenticità di questo prodotto! Ancora molti complimenti =)"


"Frantoio a Cinque Stelle, ha olio di alta qualità, sapore eccellente, dalle proprietà organolettiche eccellenti. Ottimo per condimenti, preparazione di piatti di carne e di pesce, bruschetta, verdure, etc. La professionalità e l'igiene, sono gli elementi che completano e danno prestigio al Frantoio "Il Vecchio Mulino"...garanzia e certezza per il consumatore."


Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our extra virgin olive oil is produced only with Italian olives from the typical cultivar of the Umbria region such as Moraiolo, Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino. The characteristic geographical position, the altitude and the hilly climate of Orvieto, help preserve the plant naturally from diseases and insects avoiding the usage of any sort of chemical treatment.

The mill Il Vecchio Mulino is the counterpart to advertised brands, Il Vecchio Mulino uses a mechanical working process that has nothing to do with the industrial process and it does not use any sort of artificial flavours or aromas, its only goal is to obtain a genuine product with excellent organoleptic features.

Our oil has an acidity  that ranges between 0,3% and 0,5% (oil is classified according to the E.U. regulations which has declared that  the maximum percentage of acidity allowed is 0,8% as regards to extra virgin olive oil). The acidity marks the top quality of the raw material, the accuracy for the timing of the work process and the correct storage procedure of the oil at the mill.

The oil of Castello is, because of its taste and flavour, the best choice for any condiment, drizzled on top of a hot dish or on a cold dish such as a salad.

However, it must be kept in mind that among all the different types of oils used on a table, the extra virgin olive oil is at the basis of the Mediterranean diet (recognised by the UNESCO as a world heritage). According also to  its health benefits, olive oil is considered the most suitable among oils for man’s nutrition thanks to    its balance in fats.

A top quality extra virgin olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fats and poor in saturated fats (these latter are responsible for the increase of cholesterol levels) and with a high level of polyphenols and powerful natural antioxidants.

Polyphenols are responsible for the bitter pungent taste of the extra virgin olive oil. Wrongly, these features can sometimes make you think that the oil is bad or of low quality when, instead, it is this aftertaste that marks the superior quality of the extra virgin because the oil has not been altered in any way.

Choose responsibly

Be cautious when dealing with top brands, their aim is to achieve high numbers which are difficult to obtain in respect of the working times and seasonal capacity of nature. If you choose our oil you know that our olives are cultivated without the intensive exploitation of the soil, without chemical alterations and without added aromas. Our aim is to go straight to the heart.

Choose to respect nature.


Italian olives, the only ingredient of our oil


The maximum temperature reached during the whole work process


Average acidity of our extra virgin olive oil