The olives at the Vecchio Mulino are hand-picked  with the only help of motorised  rakes, this method preserves the quality of the olive and respects the life of the tree as well.  Currently, harvesting is performed by a variety of shakers that transmit vibrations to the tree branches, causing the olives to drop, unfortunately this technique stresses the tree whose roots can be effected by the vibrations which can cause the detachment of the roots provoking the death of the tree.

Harvest period

The harvest takes place between mid-October and mid-November, the beginning and the end of the season may vary according to the amount of rain and sun received by the olives during the year, the weather can determine the ripeness of the fruit.

In the past, the harvest would take place later on in winter because the olives would produce more oil but gradually studies have confirmed that picking the olives at the right time of the year helps preserve all organoleptic and nutritional features of the extra virgin olive oil that a later harvest does not feature.

At the IL Vecchio Mulino the olives are picked at the right time of their ripeness, not too early and not too late. The harvest takes place when the phenolic substances reach their highest peak so to offer a top quality oil, with typical characteristics of a genuine extra virgin olive oil without the need of adding acids, colourings, additives or other sophistications which most producers add in order to get the most out of their production with little care for the consumers.



Once the olives are picked, they are stocked in grids to ensure the right ventilation, once at the mill the process begins immediately within the 24 hours in order to avoid a premature fermentation and the loss of the quality of the final product.

The Il Vecchio Mulino makes use of a modern cold-pressing process with continuous cycle (temperature of the process is no higher than 27 degree to preserve all organoleptic and nutritional features of the extra virgin olive oil). The machines in our plant and the various phases of the process are linked to each other so that the working process is never interrupted during the phases.



The storage procedure is fundamental to preserve the nutritional properties of an extra virgin olive oil.

In our mill the oil is stored in stainless steel tanks kept in suitable places and maintained at a constant temperature ranging between 8°C and 15°C


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